Why blog in 2011?

Apparently the 4th of May is the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in Jamaica, the start of Napoleon’s exile in Elba, and Margaret Thatcher’s election victory which made her the first (and so far, only) female prime minister of the United Kingdom. And it is of course Star Wars day – May the 4th be with you, and all that.

But for me the 4th of May 2009 marked the start of something, namely this blog. I kicked things off with my reasons for blogging. Then I entered a flurry of activity, posting 17 more entries in the rest of the month. Then, once my initial enthusiasm settled down, I sporadically posted whatever rubbish sprang to mind at a rather slower rate.

A year and a half later, the blog is still here, and in recent months I seem to have settled into a comfortable rhythm of scheduling my thoughts to go online at 3pm every Saturday, with only occasional midweek entries. Why am I doing it?

The main reason for writing a blog is that, quite simply, I enjoy it. It’s not a chore but a pleasure to produce a moderate amount of writing. It’s not a high priority for me, which is why I couldn’t sustain blogging much more frequently, but I do enjoy a bit of writing. It’s been pleasant to put my thoughts on various issues into words, and it has forced me to think some of them through more.

I hope that my writing has become more interesting over the last year and a half. I’m not an especially creative person, but perhaps writing is something that gets the creative juices flowing just a little. Very occasionally I’ll produce a sentence I think rolls of the tongue well, or is particularly apt for capturing a certain thought. Hopefully the sentences themselves are ignored, their construction subsumed by their meaning, but I appreciate the mental effort of producing them.

I don’t really use the blog to keep friends up to date, which was one of my original intentions. Partly I suspect this is because most of my friends don’t read it, but mainly because I think when I write about what I’m doing without any opinion it is boring to write. Presumably it is also boring to read. If you don’t believe me, check out the ill-fated ‘week in retrospective’ series.

The last of my original intentions was to share by thoughts about God. It’s fair to say this has become more dominant than I intended, with this being the first post in several months to not have much relevance to Christianity. Thinking through my faith in more depth has been an especially big part of my life in the last few months and clearly this overflows into my choice of blog topics. I don’t see this as a problem though, and I daresay I will continue to draw blog posts from my thinking about the Christian God. I hope that in doing so I stimulate your thoughts.

Why do you enjoy blogs (whether you read them or write one)?