Amazing Nathan

It turns out that asking friends for suggestions for blog posts is not necessarily a good idea. It seemed a bit strange to ask for ideas when I have 55 blog posts in varying stages of draft at the moment, but I wanted to post something fairly light and trivial. Most of those ideas need development (which I suppose is why they’re still drafts, not fully fledged posts). I asked a friend of mine, Nathan, for an idea for a blog post, and sure enough he delivered the goods. As it happens, he wants me to blog about how amazing he is.

Perhaps I should start with his amazing humility.

As I thought about it, it did occur to me that he is actually quite amazing. Not the most amazing person I know, obviously, but still amazing in a good way. For a start he can juggle, which is always a good start for anyone trying to be amazing. He also owns an impressive array of entertaining T-shirts. I don’t actually know if that’s true or not, but he has at least two that I’ve noticed, making him possibly the only person who owns any clothing I could describe. I’m not the most observant chap in the world.

But back to Nathan (after all, he is amazing). We met early on this academic year as he is a Christian fresher at the university of Reading. I don’t remember our first meeting, but we got on well from the start. It must be because Nathan is such an amazing conversationalist. We’re quite similar people in many ways (except that he is more amazing than me) so I think I’ve been able to relate to him better than I can to most people.

Technically, me and Nathan go further back than our time at university. Last summer I had the privilege of working for UBM in their Leeds office, and Nathan booked to come on a UBM team. Apparently he was in the background of a phone call I answered. His amazingness didn’t really shine through though, as he never actually spoke to me. Lucky him!

Another one of the many amazing things about Nathan is his sense of humour. It takes an amazing person to make their facebook profile picture a photo of them falling out of a car. It takes an amazing person to sit opposite me and not mind the extent of my sarcasm, and still make jokes which are actually funny. It takes an amazing person to take a video of me not-quite-dancing, and put it in an infinite loop online.

There are other things I could say about the amazing Nathan, like the fact his word of the day is both cheese and pencil today (but it’s still a singular word of the day, not multiple words). Thinking about it, that doesn’t really show how amazing he is, but he asked me to include it anyway. In fact, the reality is that there is only one more thing I actually want to say about Nathan.

As I’ve got to know Nathan more throughout the year, the main reason I think he is amazing is that I have found him to be a tremendous encouragement to my soul. He has been amazing, because he has supported me as I’ve failed God time and time again. He has been amazing, because he is so often able not only to sympathise, but also to empathise. He has been amazing in his comforting of me when I’ve felt very low, giving me very wise advice. He has been amazing in sharpening my Bible study in a way matched only by one other individual in the last three years. Most amazing of all has been seeing Nathan’s growth in Christ, which I think he is completely oblivious to.

I think ultimately the reason Nathan is amazing is because God has adopted him, and given him to me as a friend and encourager. By God’s grace, he’s doing a good job of it, so when I say Nathan is amazing, I think I mean God is amazing. And I’m grateful to Him for Nathan.