A while ago a game called Portal was released, and a few days ago the kind people responsible for making it decided it should be available as a free download on steam. Who am I to refuse an offer like that?

The basic concept is nice and simple. You have a gun which can fire portals. One is blue, one is orange. What goes into blue comes out of orange, and vice versa. And, in the words of the in-game explanation, “speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out”. The aim of the game is to complete a series of puzzles by using the portal gun to cross otherwise impossible gaps.

It’s a very short game, taking only a few hours to complete. It introduces the gameplay gently, as it is very unusual, but quickly lets the player get on with doing their own thing. Throughout the game there is a narrator character who livens up proceedings with dark humour and a complete disregard for the player’s safety. The plot is basic to say the least, but simultaneously wonderful. And in case the game wasn’t good enough, the end credits are run to a fantastic song written specially and performed in the character of the narrator. Simple things.

If you want to play it, download Portal before the 24th of May and it will be free. But the cake is a lie.