Quick Quote 7 – free, undeserved, eternal love

When John Owen writes about saints, he is referring to all Christians, not those who have been specially recognised by the church.

The chief way by which the saints have communion with the Father is love – free, undeserved, eternal love. This love the Father pours on the saints. Saints are to see God as full of love to them. They are to receive him as the One who loves them, and are to be full of praise and thanksgiving to God for his love. They are to show gratitude for his love by living a life which pleases him.

John Owen, Communion with God

Happy fathers’ day

I’m grateful to God for my dad for many reasons, but with today being fathers’ day I’ve been particularly struck by one reason for thankfulness. Without a loving father, the idea of a loving Father is meaningless. My dad helps me understand my Dad.

I love them both dearly, and I thank God for giving me a father on earth who demonstrates love towards me as a picture of God. So many people seem to be without a loving earthly father, and while of course they can still come to our heavenly Father I would imagine some must struggle with the idea of a father being loving.

I’m grateful my upbringing includes both my father and my Father, and both love me dearly.