A young servant

How can a young Christian serve their church?

I get the impression that young people in churches are sometimes keen to help, but don’t know how. They get put on teams to serve tea, or do other fairly small tasks, and this is great. I think it’s really valuable to be involved in practical service, but I want to suggest there is a real spiritual service open to even the youngest Christians.

In order to serve the church, it is necessary to serve the people within the church. There is no abstract ‘church’ which is somehow distinct from the Christians who meet together. The church is the body of Christ, a united nation. Time and time again, the New Testament speaks of the church in language which is both corporate and personal.

So how can a young person serve their church? They may not be able to preach, or help with regular meetings, but they can serve the people of the church. Serving tea is a great example, but it needn’t stop there. Befriending people is a valuable service to the church. Talking about God’s work in your life is bound to encourage other believers. Asking people for help to understand the Bible will bring the church together. Offering to pray for people will not go unappreciated. The list is almost endless.

A good church should be a loving community of Christians, mirroring the loving community of God. Let us show love to those Christians around us, seeking to build them up and helping them fix their eyes upon Jesus.

If you want to serve your church, serve the people.

From the mouth of a Siberian evangelist

One of the missionaries in contact with Whitley Wood Reformed Baptist Church, a man called Sergey, recently sent a lengthy email of his news, containing this paragraph. He is a Siberian evangelist.

Today in Russia the wave of resistance to the Gospel of the Christ accrues. The orthodox church completely cooperates with the governments and now actively counteracts distribution of Biblical Christianity. Even in comprehensive schools, now children train in orthodoxy. For us there have come hard times. On all mass news media, dominate orthodox and they oppose Biblical christianity. Alas… Now the majority of people, yes do not wish to listen to us when we preach the Bible. But… We do not despond, we believe the Lord and we wait Him for returning for us. But how long we on the ground, we zealously continue to preach Jesus Christ’s Grace for glory of the Lord! We understand, that rescue, there is a Great gift Sovereign the Masters of the God, and will come to the Christ only Selected by the God from eternity for glory of the Christ! Praise to the God!!!

The English may be interesting at best,  but Sergey’s love for the Lord shines through it. This man suffers a lot by our rich western standards, and I feel sure his love for the Lord is only increased by the difficulties he faces. Let us take both an encouragement and a challenge from the determination he has to proclaim Christ to the thousands of lost souls in Siberia.