Face/Off with the apostle Paul

Isn’t it bizarre how the brain remembers strange pieces of trivia? Last night I watched the film Face/Off on iPlayer. The antagonists are two brothers called Castor and Pollox, and the name Pollox rang a faint bell. At the end of the film, while the credits were rolling, the penny dropped, and I remembered that Castor and Pollox were brothers in Greek mythology. I don’t know a great deal about mythology from any culture, so I was a bit surprised to have this knowledge rattling around in my head. Before long I realised where it came from – the life of the apostle Paul! In Acts 28:11 Paul goes on a ship whose figurehead is the “Twin Brothers”. According to my study Bible, these brothers are Castor and Pollox, who the Greeks believed would protect them on the sea. And that is the sum total of my knowledge about them!