About me

My name is Tim Hilton and I fall into various categories of people.

Christian – I’m saved from the punishment and power of the things I’ve done wrong, and have a loving relationship with the living God. I try to live to please God rather than living for short-term pleasure, and frequently fail.

Graduate – I received a 2:1 Robotics BSc from the University of Reading.

Software developer – I’ve always enjoyed programming, and that provides me with my current line of work.

Juggler – I love juggling and can run 5 balls or 4 clubs for a reasonable period of time.

Geek – you wouldn’t have guessed would you?

Sesquipedalian – look it up like everyone else has to!

If you want to know why I started a blog, read my introductory post, Welcome to TIM. It’s had a more recent reboot, which is explained in the imaginatively titled post, Blog Reboot.


  1. Hi Tim – I have only just come across your blog, and enjoyed reading your offerings. Your archives end in September 2014 – Are you still blogging somewhere? Or given up entirely? Best wishes.


    1. Hi there, I’m afraid I’m not blogging any more. At the moment, the time investment isn’t a priority, but I do keep it in mind as a possibility. Thanks for reading, and I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed it.


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