Pleasing progress

I have previously mentioned on this blog my desire to learn to touch type, for greater speed and efficiency when using a computer keyboard (which, of course, I often am). When I started out I did a typing test using my normal haphazard manner, and achieved a speed of 53 wpm with 3 mistakes. (wpm stands for words per minute, and a word is defined as 5 characters on a keyboard).

Today I retook the test twice, and scored speeds of 72 and 68 wpm, with no mistakes on either test (because the recorded time included the time it took me to correct several mistakes). I was surprised to find that I now type faster than I used to, I had the impression I was still slower than I used to be. Doing a test without bothering to correct any mistakes gave me a speed of 78 wpm with 4 mistakes.

I’m pleased by my progress, but I still have some way to go before being as fast or as accurate as I would like to be. Sadly I don’t think there is any shortcut to practice, so I’m sure I’ll gradually speed up and become more accurate as I type.


    1. Yeah, similar functionality exists in MS word and other word processors nowadays. It doesn’t change the underlying problem of inaccurate and slow typing though. It is helpful sometimes though I must admit, I used that sort of shortcut a fair bit on some of the reports I wrote for my degree.


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