Resolutions for a new… June

When I posted my new year’s resolution on this blog I vaguely intended to review it every 3 months, as per some advice I came across somewhere online. I evidently haven’t done that, because I don’t recall mentioning it once in the 5 months since I posted it.

My resolution was to consistently go to bed by around 11pm, which is much earlier than was usual for me. I’ve made good progress with this, and although I don’t treat 11pm as a strict bedtime, it has been a helpful guide for me. The aim wasn’t to create an arbitrary rule in my life, but to change my habits so I could be more productive. It seems to be working well, with some housemates still apparently unable to understand what has happened to me. All the outcomes I hoped this resolution would produce do seem to be in evidence to some degree or another, so while I intend to keep going with early bedtimes I think it may now be useful to focus on a different resolution.

My new resolution is that I resolve to spend quality time in prayer every day. I’m a fan of being specific in goals, as it helps us to reach them and to know we’ve reached them, but I’m not going to include any quantitative measures in this resolution (other than the phrase ‘every day’, which is suppose is inherently quantitative). This resolution is really all about quality. Each day I want not only to pray, but to ‘pray until I pray’, to borrow a phrase. I want to wrestle in prayer, to pray persistently, to be joyful in prayer. Those are all things I suppose are present in all Christians’ prayer lives at some point, but I want to develop the habit of setting aside serious time for serious prayer, with the expectation of the quality increasing. I crave your prayers while I undertake this resolution!


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