Month: April 2010

Digital debates

I’d like to commend those with a spare half hour (or even less) to look at It’s a collaboration between youtube and facebook, and ten questions posed and voted on by members of the public have been put to the leaders of the main three parties. All those questions have been answered in short video clips (only one of which exceeds a minute in length). It’s noteworthy not because the leaders set out their main policies, but because they engage with issues which the public is already concerned about and which they are not clearly addressing through more conventional communication channels.

You can vote for which leader gave the answer you liked the most, and can see which is the most popular from the votes of others. At the moment Cleggmania is clearly¬† continuing, and for 9 of the 10 questions Nick Clegg’s answer is easily the most popular, with David Cameron’s answer just more popular than Gordon Brown’s. Personally it struck me that Gordon’s answers were unconvincing, David’s were well balanced, and Nick’s pandered to public opinion regardless of how sensible it was. I don’t know yet who I’ll vote for, but this did nudge me towards the Conservatives.

The ten questions are about the following topics:

  1. Digital economy bill
  2. Banking crisis
  3. Special relationship with America
  4. Immigration
  5. Abuse of anti-terrorist legislation
  6. Protecting property from intruders
  7. Drugs policy
  8. Student funding
  9. Voting system
  10. Science funding