Month: March 2010

Ask the chancellors

Having watched Ask the Chancellors over breakfast this morning, I do feel a little more informed about the election debate which is currently ongoing. I thought Alistair Darling, George Osborne and Vince Cable all did a reasonable job of representing their views, and I particularly appreciated Vince Cable’s assertion that the Liberal Democrats have a different strategy from the other two main parties. Whether it is better or not I’m unsure, but he did at least seem more specific in his plans, and came across as more confident that they will do some good. It was also refreshing to see honesty and cooperation from three politicians in the same room as each other!

Channel 4 seemed to struggle with the on-screen captioning at one point though…

Watching Parliament

My interest in politics continues to grow as I become more and more incredulous at what a mess some politicians seem to make of it. The more I watch activity in the house of commons, the more I am struck that John Bercow’s job as speaker of shares an important similarity with the teaching profession – a large part of it is controlling a large group of children. I have also found that watching parliament is much like watching a playground fight, but with slightly less danger of someone ending up with a bloodied nose.

I wonder if any adults will stand in the next general election?