The unmistakeable rise in technology

Going to university was the first time I stepped out from my parents’ protection and took responsibility for my living habits and money properly. Before coming to university I bought and made a computer with my dad’s help, and since around that time I’ve noticed a marked increase in the amount of technology-related products I buy.

I think it was for my 18th birthday, in the summer before starting university, that I asked for and received a video camera and tripod, which have served me well since then. In my first year I also bought a digital camera, a headset for talking on skype, and a new computer mouse after the scroll wheel broke.

The second mouse broke in exactly the same way in my second year, so rather than replacing it with another one the same I splashed out on a wireless keyboard and mouse combination. A pair of wireless headphones was the next logical step I suppose, recently supplemented by a switch which allowed me to have my headset, headphones and speakers all connected to my computer simultaneously. I officially had too many computer peripherals to fit on the computer!

After checking how much I was spending on my mobile phone, I decided it was worth switching from pay as you go to have a one month rolling contract. Having had the contract just roll over into the second month, I promptly lost my phone, prompting the purchase of a new one. Being me, I took the opportunity to have something of an upgrade, with my new phone being operated via a touchscreen, and a memory card is (hopefully) on its way through the postal system to me to allow me to store more audio books and the like on it.

As they say, like father, like son.


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