What’s the point?

I’ve recently been watching some of the TED videos, many of which are fascinating. One I watched tonight was an inventory of invisible things, which was a delightfully baffling look at life. Towards the end of the talk (9:20 in if you want to check for yourself) the speaker, John Lloyd, concludes

There are only two questions really worth asking:
‘Why are we here?’
‘What shall we do about it while we are?’

What excellent questions! Fortunately we have answers to both of of them: we are here because God created us as an overflow of His Trinitarian love, enabling Him to love us and us to love Him. While we are here we should enter a personal relationship with God and live our lives for His glory. This isn’t the answer that John Lloyd gives, but he does offer a quote from poet W. H. Auden:

We are here, on earth, to help others. What the others are here for I’ve no idea.

(N.B. According to wikiquote, the quote is actually by John Foster Hall.)


One comment

  1. Hi Tim! Maybe not all spiritual things are entirely invisible as it says in Scripture “Here we see as through a glass darkly.” Maybe faith allows us to do this- the faith of a little child, as it also says of God, “I will frustrate the intelligence of the intelligent.”


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