What is prayer?

According to yesterday’s preacher,

“prayer is an expression of our own personal inadequacies and dependence upon God”.

I’m sure it’s not a perfect definition, but I think it’s certainly a good aim. I’m not sure how well my prayers compare to it, but it’s the sort of humility I should be aiming for.


  1. Its not bad as a starting point, but you can add great vision for some vital work and a desire to save souls. We can literally ask God so many times that he feels he must answer in some way, I’ve done this, but the way he answers is still in his own wisdom. I think prayer is vital for our relationship with God. Humility, as you say, is also necessary.


    1. Is it fair to say God feels He must answer us? Surely God cannot be under any obligation to us in any way? Under obligation to His own promises, yes, but not to our persistence.

      Either way, the quote still holds. Asking God to save souls inherently requires an acknowledgement that we are inadequate to save souls, and we depend on God to do it for us.


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