A week in retrospective – 17/05/2009

Sunday 17/5/09

Both the morning and evening sermons at church were very good (see my thoughts about the morning sermon). Between the services I stayed with Andy and Pearl, and had a good chat with the preacher who was also staying there for the day.

Monday 18/5/09

I actually bothered to get up and go to prayer breakfast for once! Later in the morning I played Prince of Persia for the first time in quite a while, and managed to get past the fight I was stuck on. Once past it I made good progress through the game. Most of the afternoon and evening was taken up by a mega-meeting with Geraldine followed by dinner and CU small group. Big kudos to Benny for the pavlova!

Tuesday 19/5/09

I started Tuesday with the commendable intention of working out an overall plan for RUCU activities in freshers’ week this year. It didn’t happen, partly because I got up late again and had wasted half the day before I got round to doing anything, and partly because the anything largely consisted of playing Prince of Persia again. I did listen to Motsy’s talk from the Think Fresh seminar, because I’m just too impatient for Gareth to do it properly. There were some good points, but it didn’t work nearly as well without the group discussion bits which obviously weren’t on the recording. The church Bible study in the evening continued our look through Ezekiel, which for some reason comes out as Exekiel most of the time I type it. I should learn to touch type, but it’s an investment of time which I can’t be bothered making, even though having started a blog and (almost) finished exams this is clearly the time to learn.

Wednesday 20/5/09

This was a day which, like Tuesday, began with good intentions. This time it was to sort out everything on my to-do list which was there as a result of being RUCU chairman. I got some of it done, including the things which needed doing before the committee meeting on Thursday (such as the Bible study at the start of the meeting), but several things I’d hoped to do remain sadly undone. I managed to resist the temptation to waste time watching the apprentice, but I must have wasted my time doing something else judging by the number of things still to do.

Thursday 21/5/09

Thursday was actually quite productive, which was a nice change. From 9 until 2 I was with CU committee members, either in committee meetings or discussing other CU business. I watched the apprentice over lunch, and in the afternoon I had a lovely time out in the sun in the back garden looking at the start of Joel, as I realised that the church Bible study is the only place I’m regularly looking at the Old Testament at the moment. Once I was back inside I read blogs and what I call my ‘web dailies’ – all the websites I look at on a daily basis (dilbert, facebook, gmail, etc.) before dinner. The continued refusal of youtube to load was a continued annoyance (presumably it’s disabled after the 4chan attack). RUCU main meeting in the evening was good, and I chatted to several people I’d hoped to speak to and was encouraged by them.

Friday 22/5/09

The first real activity of the day, having gone through my various ablutions, was going to RUCUS at lunchtime. I had a good time swapping trick ideas, and chatting with friends, before going to have a chat with Gareth in the HUMSS JCR. Just short of two hours later we came out of HUMSS and there were still three jugglers hanging around, so I joined them for a few minutes but my arrival brought with it an awareness of the time so they all left fairly quickly. I went home and read various bits and bobs online before dinner, before the unheard of occurred – I actually tidied my bedroom! Not only that, but I vacuumed it and cleaned the vacuum cleaner (which meant I had to re-vacuum part of the room – oops!). Later in the evening I finally got round to watching The Narnia Code.

Saturday 23/5/09

Among the exciting tasks of Saturday were tidying my desk (I was pleased to discover it takes a surprisingly short amount of time) and washing my clothes. I also emailed home, which I’d neglected to do so far this term (sorry mum!) and read the list of possible third year projects I can do. I also read more blogs (it takes a long time to recover from a backlog over exams!) and looked over the many computer science proposals for a 3rd year project. I can do a project in either the computer science or cybernetics departments, but I’m currently inclined toward the computer science as I struggle more with the practical details of electronics than with programming and the like. To round off the day I watched the MotoGP race from last weekend and HIGABMNFY, which is not as catchy as HIGNFY but is also over 30% longer.


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