A week in retrospective – 10/05/2009

Sunday 10/5/09

There was a fellowship lunch at church, which was a lovely chance to chat with some people I don’t usually talk to very much, as well as some who I see most weeks. Andy and Pearl were good enough to invite me to their house for the remainder of the afternoon before the evening service (which contained a very good sermon about Jehu, who is someone I previously knew nothing about). It was also good to have a complete break from revision!

Monday 11/5/09

The morning was spent finishing off my revision for the digital circuit design exam I had in the afternoon. The exam actually went very well, and I hope for around 60-70% in it, which I will be very happy with if I get it as the marks for the module all come from the exam. Afterwards I had a meeting with Geraldine (the CU chairwoman), went to small group, and watched the third Pirates of the Caribbean film for some reason.

Tuesday 12/5/09

I had a horrendously bad lie in, and by the time I was ready to start work it was already into the afternoon! With less hours than I would have liked available before the church Bible study I finally got on with some stuff I needed to sort out for the CU. When I’d finished writing my to-do list I had 38 new tasks of varying sizes on it. It will take a long time to get through them all! I did a few things on the list in the afternoon before going to the Bible study, and I watched a few iPlayer programmes in the evening. It was a fairly dull day to be honest!

Wednesday 13/5/09

During the day I was mainly doing admin tasks, so it was fairly dull. I cooked and ate dinner, then got on with researching what the Bible teaches about fasting which was good to look at. I finally got onto revision for Thursday’s exam at around 9pm, just in time to miss the apprentice (which I watched after later in the evening!).

Thursday 14/5/09

There was a painfully early start for the CU committee meeting (which began at 9am, and which I was late for). I spent the rest of the morning highlighting parts of my notes in preparation for the afternoon’s open book exam. The exam actually went okay, and while the questions were on applications I knew nothing about, I was able to write about some of the principles behind them which was the main point of the exam. Once the exam was out of the way I relaxed for a bit before dinner and CU main meeting. The meeting was good, with Jamie Cater giving a good talk about how we as Christians should serve each other. It was taken from John 13:31-38 and was a very good exposition of verses 34 and 35 (in my opinion).

Friday 15/5/09

My first commitment wasn’t until 10am, but I still managed to pitch up almost 20 minutes late for it. I stayed on campus meeting people to chat about various CU-related things until about 4pm. I did get a nice break at one point in which I read Psalm 90 and was struck by a few things in the passage. Once I got back home I played Splinter Cell for the first time in a very long time, and steadfastly refused to do anything which could possibly be construed as work. Sadly this couldn’t continue after dinner as there was washing up to be done, and I needed to run the washing machine. I also rediscovered the joy of blast billiards, and obviously that put paid to the idea of doing anything productive.

Saturday 16/5/09

Peter was daring/foolish enough to risk serious wrath from me in the morning when he brought me breakfast in bed at the unearthly hour of about 9:30. Restraining myself to not shout at him,  tried and failed to go back to sleep for about 4 hours before getting up. I used what little dayI had left to try and read all the emails and blog posts I’d been ignoring for the last few days (20+ emails, 70+ blog posts). By the time dinner was ready I’d got through all the emails, but most of the blog posts had to wait for another day. Going to Dan’s for the Eurovision Song Contest was good fun, though the contest was very disappointing. Last year was hilarious, but it seems everyone took it more seriously this year and it was rather dull.



    1. We had 7am meetings every other week we were on committee last term. Basically we had them Wednesday evenings if there was no small world cafe, or in the mornings if there was. Fortunately we only had about 3 early morning meetings before we got to summer term and emptier timetables! As you may possibly have guessed I’m not a fan of the morning.


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