A week in retrospective – 03/05/2009

To keep me blogging and to keep any readers I may one day have up to date with what is happening in my life, I intend to post a summary of my week every Saturday. As you can tell from the fact today is Monday I’m being quite flexible about that! Still, here goes for the week from the 3rd-9th of May.

Sunday 3/5/09

As is usual for me on a Sunday I was at church twice, and at someone’s house between the morning and evening services. The morning sermon (mp3) was a particularly good talk from Hebrews 12 (AV linked as that is the version used by the preacher). During the day I had several good conversations and was particularly encouraged by the lady whose house I and a few others were eating at. She asked about whhat the CU was doing, and was incredibly encouraged by hearing about the routine meetings and things which have long since ceased to excite me. It was a real lesson for me, a vital reminder of how amazing God’s work always is!

Monday 4/5/09

I led the CU prayer breakfast and picked Colossians 4:2-6 to look at before praying. As always, it was incredibly encouraging to hear people praying not only for themselves, despite the stress of exam season, but also for others and primarily for God’s work. I don’t remember how I filled the morning, but the afternoon and evening was filled with various jobs I needed to do within the CU, which added to my feeling of overwork.

Tuesday 5/5/09

I got up two hours later than I planned, so missed some valuable revision time, but made up for it with a fantastic study of Psalm 116 for the CU committee meeting which was later in the day. What a wonderful passage! My afternoon was again filled with CU work, but in the evening I was able to rediscover the joy of serving others by doing the washing up! God was then gracious enough to use a prayer time with one of my housemates to give me peace and motivation for my revision.

Wednesday 6/5/09

In the morning I spent my time revising, both for the space robotics exam I had in the afternoon and for the exam I had on Thursday morning. The space robotics seemed to go reasonably well, though some of my answers were a little too vague. The remainder of the afternoon and evening was spent revising for my exam the next day (why do I always leave it to the last minute?), except for the distraction of the apprentice which I watched in two parts. Funnily enough, I got quite a late night!

Thursday 7/5/09

My morning exam  was very much blessed by God, and of the five questions I had to answer I would hope to have full marks on two of them! The other three went reasonably well too. In the afternoon I had planned to give out some sweets outside the university library with some other people from the CU as a way of getting to chat to people and simply cheering them up during their revision. As the weather was rather gloomy and windy we decided to postpone for another day when people would be more likely to be willing to stop and chat, and we all went home. In the evening I led the CU main meeting, and was encouraged by hearing some lovely stories of how God had used people flyering to glorify Himself.

Friday 8/5/09

In the morning I had quite a long lie in and the first major event of my day was going to the circus skills society. In the afternoon I was revising finite state machines (FSMs) for my next exam (Monday afternoon), and in the evening watched two episodes of Jeeves and Wooster with some friends.

Saturday 9/5/09

Again I had a long lie in, and by the time I had read my emails and caught up on the blogs I read it was well into the afternoon. I finished revising FSMs and revised programmable logic, also examined on Monday. I had the joyous task of cooking dinner for the house, and had the unusual experience of another housemate complementing me on my cooking. I think it was because I didn’t think it tasted very good, so maybe their idea of good cooking is the opposite of mine! The evening consisted of more revision, a time of prayer and lots of relaxation (which may have involved Have I Got News For You) before a rather late night leaving me with not enough time to sleep before getting up for church.


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