Welcome to TIM

Isn’t it vain to start a blog whose name is deliberately chosen so its initials spell your own name? Yes, it probably is. But I hope This Is Me is an appropriate title. I want this blog to be about me. I want this blog to show me to the world around me. I want this blog to be honestly me. Is that too self-centred? Possibly, but I hope I can let people into my life without missing out the people (particularly God) who help mould me.

I think the obvious content for my first blog post should be the reason behind starting a blog. As it turns out, there are several. In no particular order, I want to:

  • Jump on the blogging bandwagon. Yes, I know this is about 6 years after everyone else. At the time blogging first became popular, I blogged a few posts on what was then an MSN space (now a windows live space). I didn’t have anything to say, and there was no-one to read it. The first of those situations has changed. The less said about the second, the better I suspect.
  • Improve my writing skills. I think writing is a useful life skill, and I want mine to become clearer and more polished. I would also like this to translate across into the way I think and speak. A blog will encourage me to critically review what I am writing, and think about whether or not there is a point in writing it.
  • Let people keep up to date. I don’t expect many friends and family to read this, but if any do they will hopefully find it a useful tool to keep in touch with what’s happening in my life. If this blog is read by friends I have lost touch with, I would love for them to be able to get back in touch and know what’s going on in my little corner of the world.
  • Let people get to know me more. According to facebook I have 274 ‘friends’ but most of them are not people I regularly speak to. Most of them are genuine friends who I simply don’t often get a chance to speak to. I hope this blog will enable them to feel they still know me, and will enable friends I do see to gain an extra insight into who I am.
  • Share my feelings. Being a stiff-lipped Brit, it’s not easy for me to talk about how I feel. It’s always been easier for me to put my emotions into words when no-one is present. Most of the few deep personal conversations I’ve had have been over email or instant messaging. The only time I am completely open with my feelings is when writing in my diary. I know there are people who care about how I feel, but I can’t talk to them about feelings. I don’t object to people knowing how I feel (obviously, or I wouldn’t be making them public on the internet) but it’s easier for me to share them via a keyboard.
  • Share my thoughts about God. As I grow as a Christian I trust God will deepen my understanding of who He is, and enable me to learn more from His word about His Word. As my relationship with Him strengthens, I want to be able to encourage and challenge my brothers and sisters in Christ, and give them a different (though not better) perspective on life, the universe and everything.

So now you know why I’m embarking on this blog. I hope I will keep it up to date, and I have many ideas for blog posts. Why not join me on this journey and see where it takes us?

One comment

  1. Hey Tim,

    Encouraging stuff! Sounds like many of the reasons I’ve made the attempt to blog. Wrote quite a few today, but none sounding very intelligent!

    Looking forward to what you have to say…see you tomorow 🙂


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